Mystery Death at The Plough Shepreth – Investigation Underway


An investigation is underway today into the mysterious death of a well-known and much-loved member of the team at The Plough Shepreth. Liv “Fishy” Goujon was discovered dead this morning at 8:00am in mysterious circumstances by Plough Landlord, Nick Davis. Speculation and suspicion surrounds this incident and staff at the Plough are struggling to come to terms with their loss. “It’s absolutely devastating” said Front-Of-House Supervisor, Kate Woodland. “Liv was a valued member of the team and the circumstances of her death make it all even more difficult to cope with”.

Liv’s mysterious death follows the recent loss of her roommate, Ed “Goldie” Brown who was discovered dead on the top floor of their shared bowl, days before they were both due to move house. At the time, there was no hint of foul play, but investigators are now looking at the possibility of there being a link between the two deaths.

Investigators are also considering a number of potential suspects, but DCI Oliver Trout refused to reveal any names. In a statement however, he did indicate that “it is not unknown for the person who reports discovering the body to be the perpetrator of the crime”. This could be read as casting suspicion on Landlord, Nick Davis, who according to sworn statements, had previously made comments about Liv, Ed, and “two goujons and fries”, a reference to the popular item on The Plough’s menu.

Our reporter, Matt Turbot, has been granted exclusive access to the scene of crime photographs and video records taken by CSI Officer Doug Salmon – readers may find some of these images disturbing.


CSI Image of the crime seen showing the distance between the last known location of Liv, and where her body was discovered.



CSI Image of the potential crime scene.


The potential crime scene after removal of the victim’s body.

Click here for Footage of CSI video sweep of the scene.

Investigators are appealing for any potential witnesses, including any who may have seen Mr Davis in or around The Plough building outside of opening hours. Ms Goujon’s body is being held by forensic scientists pending toxicology test results. DCI Trout is said to be pursuing the possibility that Ms Goujon’s demise could be the result of accidental “Flying Solo” overdose, a rare form of Viognier/Grenache poisoning which is virtually undetectable.

The investigation continues.