realaleOffering a range of good quality real ale is important to us, and, having gathered plenty of local opinion, we know that this is also very important to our customers. We are a Free House and are therefore completely free to choose which ales we will offer and when. Our intention is to work closely with local brewers, Elgoods. They are Cambridgeshire’s largest brewery and one of the few remaining truly independent brewers in the country. We value their traditional methods and approach, and combined with their huge experience in both brewing and pubs, their award winning ales, and solid connections to other brewers, they are without doubt our perfect partner.

We shall offer a continually changing range of guest beer alongside our house ales and local favourites, together with an intriguing selection of bottled beer, both from home and abroad.



We have set ourselves the challenge of providing the perfect balance between quality and price in our wine selection. In particular, we are seeking to offer good quality house wine at an affordable price and are considering direct importing in order to achieve this. We are mounting our very own crusade against the overpriced and very ordinary wine available in many pubs, and we plan our wine list to be concise, informative, and entertaining – offering something to suit all tastes. We will feature wines from all areas of the world: those suitable for everyday drinking alongside something a little more unique for special occasions.


WhiskeySpirits are often overlooked in pubs outside cities and we plan to offer a rather more than a standard G&T or Scotch. There are many exciting and truly different brands of spirits available and we will stock a deep and interesting selection. We will hold occasional events celebrating a particular spirit, sampling and tasting various brands alongside experts and brand ambassadors.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

fruits and juiceMost pubs offer a fairly limited selection to those preferring a non-alcoholic drink, including drivers, and we intend to make this area of our business far more interesting and enticing. The option of either a lemonade or coke is not very inspiring, therefore we plan a range of unusual fruit juices, cordials, cocktails, and smoothies to inspire choice in this area of our business. And what about milk?