Events at The Plough

We plan to introduce a wide range of events at The Plough, appealing to a number of different interests and groups, and are very open to suggestions in this respect.

We have some very definite ideas, but also wish to keep many of these “under wraps” until we are up and running. However, they will include the following…


live-music-largeAlthough we do not visualise The Plough as a “Music Venue” as such, music will be an important ingredient in everything we offer. Musical events have influenced some of our design decisions and we see regular, diverse musical events taking place in various areas of the premises. We anticipate more acoustic types of performance than full LiveMusicbands, but with the occasional larger event planned for special occasions and bank holidays. Our initial plans won’t accommodate anything major, but our proposed multi-space situated at the rear of the pub will provide a bespoke, separate space later on.


wimbledon-strawberries-1The mention of the word sport in the same sentence as pub usually conjures a vision of huge screens and cheap lager, but this is not how we visualise the provision of sport at The Plough. We plan to show carefully selected major sporting events, combined with a breakfast, lunch or supper in a defined space, separate from the more general areas of the premises. Perhaps a Sunday lunch (with strawberries of course!) combined with watching the Wimbledon Final, breakfast with an Australian Test Match, or perhaps a light supper combined with a Rugby or Football World Cup match?

Art & Dialogue

Jagger-by-Deanna-Tyson-300wWe plan to have a revolving calendar of art and photography events both within the main spaces, and in the planned meeting rooms/exhibition areas. These will feature both local artists and community groups from a wide range of disciplines. Some debating and spoken-word events are also planned, to feature some colourful local characters together with some more well known guests.

Cookery, Wine Tasting, Beer Festival

We have already planned the first Plough Shepreth Beer Festival to take place in preparing foodSeptember 2014. A wide variety of ales will be available to taste and sample, together with a great selection of cheeses from local suppliers, combined with some great live music. Regular cookery demonstrations/participations and wine tastings are planned into our calendar and will take place both inside the pub and throughout outdoor spaces.

Family Involvement

It is our intention that The Plough will welcome all age groups, including young children. familyl1800x1200Our experience is that a mixed age range tends naturally to produce a friendly and harmonious environment. Our proposals for the physical re-arrangement of the building and site, as well as the variety of planned events, will ensure we provide something for all age groups. We see the proposed ‘House of Blue Lights’ multi-space as having significant opportunity for us to be able to develop some recreational and learning activities for all age groups, particularly younger visitors. These would take the form of holiday clubs, art, craft, music courses, workshops etc.