Events at The Plough


Music is an important ingredient in everything we IMG_4012offer at The Plough, both in one-off gigs and also accompanying larger events. The Plough’s interior environment is more suited to acoustic-type performances and vinyl DJ sets than full bands (though we do of course have the occasional exception), and we regularly work closely with a number of local artists and producers to promote music from the surrounding area. If you, or somebody you know, are interested in playing at The Plough, feel free to contact us, or drop in for a chat.


We are keen to make the surroundings at The Plough both interesting and engaging, and are able to do so through our on-going work with local artists and photographers. We maintain a revolving calendar of artwork and photography The Plough Postcardsthroughout the main spaces and specifically in the upstairs rooms. These tend to feature diverse works from a range of disciplines. We also organise occasional art-based events and workshops for all ages and abilities. If you would like to get involved with art at The Plough in any capacity, please send an email to:

Local Involvement

It is important to all of us at The Plough that we IMG_3969continue to offer a wide range of events that can interest people of all backgrounds and inclinations. So far we have hosted Beer Festivals, Wine-Tastings, Craft Fairs, and one-off Themed Evenings (remember Day of the Dead?). We welcome new ideas and inputs, and are prepared to take chances on unusual events if we feel they fit in with our overall aims. Anybody who would like to pitch an event to us is welcome to do so via any of the usual channels. And make sure you sign up to our newsletter, or check our ‘What’s On‘ page to find out all that’s coming up at The Plough.

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